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When I started directing, I was immediately drawn to pieces that called for visual design that was "larger than life". In my early career, I was determined to make my shows look, feel and sound sleek and professional - even if it was in a college lecture hall or a church basement! I quickly learned that wigs, hair and makeup are THE most neglected design component of every show that isn't on a large-scale regional or Broadway budget. Too expensive, too much work and frankly - not many people know enough about it!  

Over ten years ago, I started my wig journey with a Party City wig and a bin of hot rollers, determined to make a wig that had been sitting in storage box usable. Today, I own and operate Gelb Creations Wigs. It's just me! Everything I send out has a very personal touch on it. I do single units or entire builds, through both my Etsy shop and private correspondence. 

I specialize in wigs that elevate their surroundings, whether it's in a cafetorium or a large-scale regional theatre. With the right resources (that thankfully aren't much besides rollers, spray, pins and the right timing), my wigs can shape the aesthetic of an entire production. Even if you don't have the resources or control for a multi-million dollar set or automation, you can determine what goes on your performer's head! No matter how many times I do it, I'm always proud of what my wigs do in a show. Just like costumes, wigs inform age, time of day, location, and of course - racial and social identity. Especially in theatre that reaches wide audiences, it's important to me that color, shade, texture of the wigs in a show reflects the diversity of the company bringing it to life. 

Let's tell a story together! 



Designed to mimic the looks seen in the films, theme parks and their famous real-life counterparts.



Just a glimpse of overall "look" and show aesthetic and design - my personal favorite job. Getting to shape the world all the hair comes from in unison is such a treat.