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My first love has always been training pre-professional and collegiate Musical Theatre artists. It wasn’t something I fell into - from an early age, I knew that I wanted to teach performers how to first interpret, and ultimately perform this ever-evolving, specific genre. But I knew I couldn't do it responsibly with just a performer’s perspective. 

I’m proud that my pedagogy combines an established background in education alongside commercial experience from behind the table.  I’ve led and had a true inside look of professional rooms. I translate my bird’s eye view POV to lessons & units that performers can understand. 

The foundation of my teaching philosophy is always considering: 

  1. Story and Context

  2. Point of View & Individuality 

  3. Technique and Sustainability

Whether it’s a semester-long Acting the Song class or Les Misérables: Student Edition, I strive for high-quality productions that don’t traumatize or push too far, but challenge. At the forefront of my work is safety, boundaries and consent. Everything I do in front of a class is appropriate and reflective of the industry's culture and art form TODAY. The repertoire I give them considers diversity and imagination, responding to “type” in a dynamic way. As a queer person of color, anti-racism is practiced in all of my classrooms, whether a private coaching or a week-long intensive. 

This isn’t my back-up plan or a way to pay the bills - I'm committed to the long-term success of the next generation of Musical Theatre artists.  ​


  • Show Direction

    • Full-scale and JR musicals, cabarets and concerts​

  • Audition Rep 

  • Private Coaching 

    • In-person and virtual ​

  • Guest Classes

    • 1-4 hour workshops ​

    • Week-long residencies


Bachelors of Science

Educational Theatre, Concentration in Performance and Production

Josh Goldfaden Expository Writing Award

Outstanding Achievement Award 

Myoung-Cheul Chung Scholarship Award

Top 10 Influential Students 2018

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