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It’s always been my belief that live, branded entertainment - specifically, character-driven experiences - are the beating heart of any IP. 


I’ll never forget when a trainer in my first theme park gig said “[our work] will always be seen as unimportant because we don’t directly generate revenue”. Though we aren’t directly a snack you mobile order, something on a screen, or a toy you buy - our value is immense (in conversion alone). Guests buy a t-shirt with a character on it - maybe even mom, dad and grandpa do, too - for the sole purpose of all getting a “matching” photo with said character. When the priceless moment of their 3 year old hugging Elmo doesn’t get captured on their phone, they opt to buy the digital photo captured by our photographers. Most importantly, these experiences often serve as young people’s first foray into live theatre, and spark a lifelong love of the arts.  


My journey with characters started when I was 15, owning a birthday party character company out of my basement in Michigan. I headed to New York University to get a degree in Educational Theatre, specializing in Theatre for Young Audiences. When I graduated a semester early, I spent time at Walt Disney World and SeaWorld Orlando in Entertainment. I’ve had the opportunity to Show Direct Character Experiences for LEGOLAND NY. 


Most notably, my work on the Creative Producing team for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade has really allowed me to flex my character muscles, casting all non-celebrity/ribbon cutting talent. Last year, I led the creative and pitch for Sheryl Lee Ralph’s historic turn as the first Black Mrs. Claus. My casting and direction of the character program saw a 30% increase in racial representation.


My true dreams, talents and aspirations? 

  1. Arena/large venue national tours

  2. Character debuts (collaborating with animators, designers from day 1) 

  3. VIP/Meet & Greet Experiences


Every pose, fabric swatch and eyeshadow shade… it’s critically important to me. Let’s build character together. ;) 


  • Traditional Stage Shows (Touring + Residency) 

    • 90, 60 & 30 min run times

  • Location Based Entertainment

    • Producing

    • Theatrical Operations Management

    • Character Training

  • Experiences, Shows and Parades​​

    • Dining

    • Character-Driven Opportunities + Meet & Greets

    • VIP

    • Short-form Stage Shows

Creative Production Coordinator,
Install Show Director (Characters),
Character Attendant,
Theatrical Operations Manager,
Character Performer and Escort,